Carlo Mansi craftmade liqueur-distillery
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About us

The Carlo Mansi company, Minorese land’s sons, has gathered this cultural heritage and created the brand “limunciel” born from a local free thought which represents us on the Italian and foreign market.

Our company strongly tied to the local traditions, looks after all the stages for the production of a very good liqueur: from the lemons’ harvest until the “limunciel” is bottled and sold.
Our workshop is in Minori on the Amalfi Coast, via Vescovado 1; it is daily open to the public. You can taste all our products and you will be able to follow the different stages of the lemon’s production transformation to obtain as a final product out “limoncello” liqueur.
Lemon's processing
  • Collection
    Lemons come to our laboratory immediately after collection
  • Processing
    We provide the complete processing of lemon just arrived in the laboratory.
  • Trasformation
    The lemon is then transformed into limoncello through an ancient and secret recipe
  • Distribution
    The final processing is the distribution of our Limoncello around the world using professional express curriers.
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